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I am starting my 7th year of teaching and I can't believe it. This will be my 4th year in first grade I am excited to start implementing the common core standards this year.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crazy Day & Math Manipulatives

Well I never expected what happened today or at least I didn't expect it to happen today. My principal called to let me know that we were moving so positions around in the school. Not my job but the other 1st grade teacher will be moving to 5th/6th grade science, the 5t/6th grade teacher to 3rd grade and the 3rd grade teacher who was my childhood best friend to 1st grade!! I am excited to be working with her but we've been meeting as a 1st grade team through out the district all summer so now I have a lot to catch her up on.
After all that excitment I spent some time in my classroom. Organizing and cleaning its such a mess right now. But I am trying something new with my math manipulatives this year and I'm really excited. I took all the manipulatives the kids will need for the beginning of the year and made a baggie for each student. Each one has a tens frame, a five frame, unifix cubes, and counters. We'll spend the beginning of the year exploring the manipulatives and then the students will be able to use them when ever they need them. I know this is probably not a new idea but I'm excited to try this and hope we can keep them organized. (Sorry about the bad picture but I only had my phone with me).

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